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While not fitting the typical profile of a 3PL, Carlile Transportation is a go-to for companies looking to reach many of the remote and inaccessible parts of Alaska. As well as transport, the company also provides warehousing and brokerage services, among other solutions, for small businesses. Formerly known as Port Logistics Group, reviews California-based Whiplash specializes in omnichannel ecommerce fulfillment services, offering seamless integration with the world’s most powerful and revered ecommerce platforms. Real-time order and inventory insights are key features of its solution, which are powered by an open API and backed up by experienced support personnel.

DB Schenker, the logistics division of German rail operator Deutsche Bahn AG, provides an array of logistical and supply chain consulting services designed to help clients streamline their delivery and warehousing functions. With more than 75,000 employees in 2,000 offices, DB Schenker has clients throughout the automobile, technology, consumer goods, special transport and trade fair logistic industries. Logistics is the overall process of planning and managing the acquisition, storage, and transportation of goods and services from the point of origin to the final destination. It also involves inventory management, packaging, warehousing, material handling, security, shipment, and inbound and outbound transportation. A SaaS product company, offering innovative technologies that empower industry leading logistics and transportation companies the ability to support and maintain business growth. Delivering easy-to-use software solutions that allow anyone to realize more, build trust, provide valuable services, and drive results within local communities and… Nippon Express is a global logistics company with its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.

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In addition to being a well-known name in the shipping industry for individuals making personal shipments, FedEx is also a well-known logistics provider as it pertains to ecommerce companies. The options are grouped by by region, so you can narrow down the options to a company that works in your territory and offers the services you need. It’s important to note that not all third-party logistics companies are alike. Some will provide every possible task you could imagine for the ecommerce seller while others may only offer a few job duties. We will be the next generation distribution partner distinguished by innovative products and solutions.

  • From transportation and warehousing to industry-specific solutions designed to streamline worldwide logistics for its clients, the company has a global reach.
  • Simply complete the information, and detail your 3 PL logistics challenges below.
  • In other global arenas, FedEx teamed up with Wirecard, providing payment processing and retail outlets in India and Germany.
  • CEVA focuses on a wide range of industries, including automotive, technology, industrial, consumer and retail, energy, and healthcare.
  • They work to help companies find solutions suited to the industry they work in.

With $100, the company began in 1907 as a small messenger service in Seattle. North American-based XPO Logistics, headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut, operates throughout North America and Europe, with its European operation based in Lyon, France. The company features innovative transportation solutions for a myriad of industries.

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XPO Logistics, Inc. offers transportation and logistics services in the United States, North America, France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Europe, and Asia. Its growth strategy involves making significant acquisitions that extend its global reach or add new product and service offerings. For instance, it acquired a 67% stake in Norbert Dentressangle SA, a leading transportation and logistics provider in Europe. Similarly, XPO also obtained Con-way Inc., one of the largest trucking providers in the US. If you’re in need of a global logistics and supply chain management, kudos to you! A global third-party logistics company is one you can use to help you manage your sales and distribution services across the globe.

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In the same manner that you might outsource IT responsibilities to a company specializing in information technology or your tax preparation to a certified accountant, 3PL companies provide expertise in the logistics space. As a US subsidiary of its Danish parent company (DSV Air & Sea Holding A/S), it offers air freight services such as the next flight out, oversize airfreight, and clearance through customs. DSV Air & Sea plans to use organic expansion as a means for growth and use strategic acquisitions in the growing markets of Asia and South America to extend its worldwide reach. At Pillow Logistics, we address the challenges of supply chain management head on through cross docking and warehousing services that provide organized processes and up-to-date inventory information. Our facilities are well maintained with a top-notch staff to provide the service you need to keep your business moving forward. Few logistics companies have been as aggressive in their investment in technology as Pillow Logistics. Our customers expect us to be on the cutting edge of tracking and organizational software—and we are.



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