Client Testimonials Praising Suply Chain And Logistics Recruiters

logistics company testimonials

“Our company mines Bentonite clay for use in a number of commercial products. Give us an origin and destination and we’ll take care of the rest. We work hard 24/7, enabling companies to focus on what matters the most – their customers – while we take care of the logistics. In your type of business it is not the trucks or the wooden storage containers that your customers remember. It is the interface with your employees that makes all the difference in the world.

logistics company testimonials

Too often my clients will tell me that they hold quarterly business reviews with their logistics providers, but when I dig deeper, I find that the QBRs are nothing more than activity reviews. These meetings focus on how many shipments, containers, or millions of pounds were moved, hours worked, and other countable topics. Years later, another career shift brought me to my current employer, a retailer with approximately 375 active small vendors, many of which use third-party warehouses. As a cost-savings strategy, the company had implemented a Transportation Management System to minimize LTL hits and bundle shipments together. This increased our need for pickups from multiple locations. For example, sometimes one truck will pick up from Jersey City, then Newark, then Trenton, and then Charlotte before arriving at a final destination. One delay or miscommunication can wreak havoc on the entire schedule.

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I want you to know how much I appreciate his efforts to help me find a job and the right fit for both sides. We are there to inform and assist you in getting your cargo from point A to B flawlessly. We pride ourselves on providing the best transport and shipping services available allover the world. Real-time shipment status for your delivered and undelivered shipments. The value that TNS adds to their service is once the truck is built and paperwork is cut there are no worries that the goods won’t deliver. That in itself is a reason why I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend TNS as a freight carrier.

The American Shipping Company has been just that, a partner in my business. I feel they have grown with me, helping me in moving my products from Australia and China into the United States.

Shermin Fernandes, Solution Consultant, Korber Supply Chain

” A text message sent by a new LP customer regarding one of our white-glove project installation crews. A&E Logistics is a family owned company and treats our customers and drivers as part of this expanding family. At Unity Logistics, our mission is to deliver satisfied customers every time. We adhere to the highest standards of integrity in all we do, every day, every time.

  • I will most definitely recommend CS to any/all contacts.
  • Much has changed since then, but one thing remains constant—Matchmaker Logistics’ superior service.
  • His experience and commitment to providing us with the best transport service available makes the decision to call Transport N Service an easy one.
  • It is the interface with your employees that makes all the difference in the world.
  • Once the truck is ready and export documents drawn up it’s as simple as sending an email.

I have been a long term storage customer of yours for over 20 years. It was finally time to distribute the goods in storage as I was not going to be able to return to Seattle to utilize them.

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“On a Friday afternoon, one of our carriers dropped the ball and left us with a shipment that had to be moved from California to Oregon immediately. I called Matchmaker Logistics to see if they could come through for me, even though I had never asked them to handle this particular route before. Mary went beyond the call of duty, working in the office until 10 pm that night to ensure that we could fulfill our obligations and get that load to the distributor on time. I ONLY use Global Net Logistics for my shipping needs. My clients have all come to expect the excellent shipping and handling of their merchandise that Global has to offer. Their expediting team makes it possible to get jobs out last minute if necessary and let us know when it has delivered.

Nationwide Medical Logistics Provider

I was to arrive at your facility at 800am and examine the goods and see if there were some boxes that might have business papers that I would need to review. uss express review Everything was out in the dock area at 800am just as we planned. Your crew had arranged the “stuff” so it was easy for me to get to and review.



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